About Us

Our Story

Kore Connect Designs started in 2016, when two close cousins, Kristin and Chris decided to take advantage of their knowledge, hobbies, and skills and put them to work creating and designing websites. As two small business owners, they understood the importance of creating an affordable service that came with a big impact.


We live in a world that has quickly become centered around technology. Having things like a website and online marketing is key to a successful business wanting to expand their reach and drive their numbers. That’s why our team at Kore Connect Designs utilizes the latest methods and technologies available to expand your customer base and interaction in the online world.


We offer a variety of services to support many of your technology needs. Everything from basic websites, to online stores, logo design, and more! To view everything we have to offer, head on over to our Services page. Need something else you don’t see? Send us a message. If we can’t provide the services you need, chances are we can recommend someone that does.

Our Team



Lead Designer

I specialize in simple design, branding, web design.


I’m a freelancer who travels around the US playing beach volleyball while designing for clients!


I will never forget what a client once said, “I felt as if you are working WITH me, versus working FOR me.” I decided from there on out that that statement would be my mantra. I want to make people feel as if I’m working along side them, like a team.


I am excited to have the opportunity to work with you and launch your passion!


Hobbies: Beach Volleyball, Coaching, Drawing, Painting, Bowling, Crocheting. I love anything that challenges me and keeps my creative juices flowing.



Lead Programmer

I specialize in programming, marketing, and web design.


I’m a creator by heart and I’ve spent my entire life creating and trying new things while chasing my passions. That started with music and composing/sounding out songs I liked from a very young age. That talent and drive has transformed into a passion for helping people. I know how hard it is to get a business launched off the ground floor and I know what an impact having a website means for those business’. 


That’s why we do what we do, to help others build their brand and expand their reach into the world while not breaking the bank.


When I’m not working on IT stuff, I love: Scuba Diving, Music Composition, Reading, Designing, Building, photography. I love meeting new people, challenging myself with new experiences, and being under the water.

Our Skills

Web Development

Affordable, fast, impactful, interactive, original. Let us take your company into the online world with a site designed to your needs.

Web Marketing

Not being found on the web? That won't help you grow. Let us help broadcast you to your customers.

Hardware Support

Time to upgrade your hard drive or RAM? Or maybe a computer suddenly stopped working. Let us take a look.

Logo Design

Just starting out? Get a logo for your company that has an impact. Outdated? We can help you re-design too!


We're not just online. Slow wifi? Need PCs and Printers hooked up to your network? Let us help!

Social Networking

We're social networking experts. We can boost your audience and show you ways to interact to drive more business!


Show case your products and sell directly from your store. We can help launch you from the ground up!

Virus Removal

Catch a nasty virus in a work or home PC? We're experts with years of experience in Virus Remediation.

PC Building

Tired of that broken down, outdated workstation? Let us build you a new one that is up-to-date and lightening fast!